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scalp Treatment Cost

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Treatment Cost Is Per Hour Flat Rate And Varies Dependent on the severity of your hair loss.
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Send some photos to the email OR mobile number provided here, and I will get back to you with a quote. Consultations can also be done over the phone or Skype.


The 3 Stage Process..

Its all part of the art, building layers of pigmentation to resemble hair follicles, its an art form, your good at this art or your just an technician. The technique, the skill, the equipment, plus my approach make The Hedman unique, you will not be disappointed.

Step 1

On my first visit we will go over hairlines if applicable and assess the colour and density of the hair you have, once agreed, the whole area to receive pigment will be covered looking new and fresh.

Step 2

On my second visit, we assess how the first treatment has settled in and how lighter or darker you would like the treatment to look when complete, the whole area will again receive pigment adding to the overall effect.

Step 3

On my third visit a final assessment is done and the finishing touches are taken care of, a final layer of pigment is then lightly added to complete the illusion.

Hair loss Treatment for a Receding Hairline

This treatment is excellent for bringing back your hairline to its natural position, when complete you will look much younger and this brings back confidence!
Crown ACrown A

Treatment for Balding Of The Crown

Male Pattern baldness of the crown, this affects a lot of men.
After your first sitting your crown will look much more dense from the pigment application guaranteed.
Crown ACrown A


Adding pigment around existing hair gives the illusion of a thicker head of hair due to pigment darkening of the scalp, after just one sitting the results are incredible this has a building effect after each one completed.
Crown ACrown A


Complete baldness treatment will transform you, making you look so much younger.
I have known clients look 10 years younger after the first treatment.
The hairline is re-built to give a NATURAL look while blending into existing hair perfectly.
Crown ACrown A

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