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About the hedman.

I take pride in my work, my name depends on it.

The Hedman operates as a mobile boutique provider of micro pigmentation (hair follicle replication), I have a close relationship with clients, my intention is to look after you as an individual, not just another customer, providing help and ongoing support now and in the years to come.
I am an artistic and creative being, so my work is applied with skill thought and creativity, having had the treatment myself, I can speak about any aspect of it with confidence and positivity.
Your results depend on the skill, passion, knowledge and creativity of your technician, not a high price tag.! 
Trained by one of the best in the SMP industry you can rest assured I'm fully confident and competent in my skill.

clinical approach, creative nature.

Fully qualified and insured SMP technician.
I have a clinical approach to my work and adhere to heath and safety guidelines to ensure a clean safe and hygienic environment.

All inks used pass health and safety regulations are one use and specially made for scalp pigmentation this means they will not turn blue or green.

all consumable single use equipment is disposed of after every session.

All equipment that is not disposable used for Scalp pigmentation is prepared for work with the most effective sterilisation known, I’m am also a trained first aider.

maintenance & Touch ups

Touch ups are based on your requirements 
The pigment on average lasts anything from 1-3 years depending on you entirely, everyone is different in every way, the more care you apply the longer your pigment will last.

Good To Know,
If you want your treatment to fade quicker just wash the treated area twice a day vigorously,  99% of soaps and shampoos are the wrong ph for skin and hair, and will leave the skin mantle, cracked dry and flakey. On the other hand, if you want the treatment to last use a shampoo good for the skin and hair:
See The Blog Page For One Of The Best!

Touch ups require 1 sitting and are free within 1 year of your first treatment unless alterations are requested, then we will come to an agreement on the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is scalp micropigmentation (SMP)?

SMP is cosmetic tattooing (medical hair tattoo) that offers a solution to hair loss by replicating hair follicles that are about to grow, SMP can treat many conditions on the scalp and give remedy to hair loss of all types.

How real will it look?

Scalp micropigmentation gives the look of a shaven head or stubble shadow look, and around existing hair gives the illusion of thicker hair due to darkening of the scalp, the treatment will be undetectable only you and I will know.

How long will the treatment take?

Approximately 2 hours 1st visit.
2 hours second and 1-2 hours last.

1st to 2nd visit a 10 day gap and 3rd a 4 week gap

How will you get the right colour shade?

The first treatment is done slightly lighter to see how the pigment settles in the scalp, then the second treatment the colour can be left as it is or altered to see if you want to go darker, i have many mixer pigments to match yours personally.

How will we do the front hairline?

We go through some pictures and get an idea of the style you like, then we sketch some hairlines on your forehed.
I pride myself on creating a natural look, but ultimately its about, what do you want others and yourself to see ?

Is it the same as a normal tattoo?

No not at all even though SMP can be known as a hair tattoo, it is completely different to a tattoo. The pigments used for SMP do not change colour, complete different equipment and needles are used and a complete different technique is used. Also you have to be specially trained to perform scalp micropigmentation correctly.

Will it damage existing hair?

No not at all, if anything the treatment has been known to stimulate hair growth in some cases.

Are the results permanent?

Results can last 1 to 3 years with some touch ups in between, but depending on lifestyle and immune system it can last longer.
Also stocking pigments that last 2-4 months for a test application and reduced costs.

How much is a touch up?

I charge £170 for the hour, a touch up usually lasts about 1 to 1 and a half hours, and this only applies after your one year period.

Can I go the gym or do any sort of training?

4 days after each treatment you can not train, no sweating whatsoever, this is essential otherwise the treatment will not settle in. After 4 days you can train but only light training, you cannot sweat excessively for 10 days.

Will my head be red or how long will redness last.

Everyone is different depending on skin. Some clients the red can go same day, some takes a day and some can take a few days.

Is the treatment safe?

The treatment is perfectly safe, Every needle used is disposed of after each treatment and the equipment is cleaned after every client, the inks are natural plant and mineral based.

How flexible are you on bookings?

We can work it around your work or social life no problem, weekends late nights early mornings that is not an issue.

I have other questions that are not on here.

Please email or ring and I can answer any questions, your in good hands trust me, i have been where you are now.
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